ClimaCheck is a Swedish cleantech company with a solution to increase energy efficiency worldwide. The company’s technologies help optimise cooling and refrigeration systems, often leading to energy savings of 10 to 30%. The solutions cater to a variety of industries, from the food and retail to buildings and manufacturing sectors. With customers in over 20 countries, ClimaCheck has been looking for strategic partnerships in a number of new markets, including in Asia. In 2016, the company was selected to join the EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission for Green Energy Technologies to Singapore and Malaysia. Thanks to its participation in the business mission, the company has been able to take some important first steps in Asia. Since 2016, the company has acquired new distributors in Singapore, and local partners who use the company solutions in Malaysia and the Philippines. The new partners have invested in portable ClimaCheck Performance Analysers for Energy audits, as well as a number of ClimaCheck online systems for continuous performance monitoring. In Singapore, ClimaCheck collaborates with local distributor Nexergy, and the Swedish company also has several evaluation partners in the region, including CoolCheck Resources SB in Malaysia, Teale Asia in Singapore, and EconoServ Solutions International Inc. in the Philippines (which are in the process of becoming certified).


We have many interesting ongoing discussions and are optimistic about future growth in the region. The EU Gateway | Business Avenues missions we have participated in have given us a possibility to learn more about the markets and connect directly with key players in a cost-effective way. We have established a wider network than what we could have done without this EU-funded initiative. – Klas Berglöf, CEO, ClimaCheck (Sweden). Already showing promising results in Asia, the company’s expansion efforts haven’t come without their challenges. The building sector, in particular, is rather conservative and innovation adoption is rather slow and limited. Establishing a strong presence on a conservative market and becoming accepted by stakeholders can take a long time.


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