Lekha Patmanathan

Founder & Managing Director
BSc, Canada
MBA, United Kingdom

Lekha graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Mary’s University in Canada. After six years in Biochemistry research and a career with Capital District Health Authority hospitals in the Organ and Tissue Transplantation division, she went on to pursue an MBA in Sustainability from the University of Wales, Cardiff UK. In Singapore, Lekha formulated her Master’s thesis around the local Renewable Energy landscape and to develop solutions to facilitate large-scale adoption of Solar PV deployment.

She has a keen interest in environmental technology to address climate breakdown. After six years in Singapore working in consultancy and energy efficiency, Lekha saw the opportunity for affordable and scalable solutions to address and improve one of the country’s most energy intensive equipment’s – cooling and climate control. She believes that businesses want to make responsible decisions, but due to stakeholder obligations, it must reflect positively on the bottom-line. This why she created Nexergy, to offer effective, innovative and open source solutions to reduce carbon emissions, increase performance and asset value while conferring businesses unquestionable competitive advantage.

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