ClimaCheck Online (Permanent)


Continuous monitoring for optimum performance

The onsite permanently installed ClimaCheck analyzer offers cloud based monitoring around the clock. It is used as a Preventive Maintenance tool due to it’s unique early warning capability for decreased efficiency or leaks. ClimaCheck has selected the most advanced, powerful and flexible IoT platform on the market for our new generation of performance analyzers. They have integrated Penta Band modem, WiFi and ethernet communication. Data from all sensors are sent to local PC or to the cloud to analyse and visualize performance. This brings to light common, yet often hidden, problems with building equipment affecting efficiency and leading to wasted energy and increased maintenance and failure rates.

ClimaCheck Online (Permanent)

The following information and much more is available in real time on ClimaCheck online:

  • COP, EER, kW/ton
  • System Efficiency Index (SEI)
  • Heating-, cooling capacity and power input, (volt, amps and power factor)
  • Compressor isentropic efficiency
  • Cycle efficiency
  • Condenser/Evaporator efficiency (inlet/outlet temperatures temperature differences)
  • Total energy consumption over time for the compressor(s)
  • Buildings energy signature for heating and/or cooling
  • Control Functions (at different loads without expensive travel/data collection)
  • Expansion Valve function (superheat values)
  • Refrigerant charge/LeakagAlarms for Pressure, Temperature, Power, etc.


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