A government park in Northern Singapore in urgent need of chiller efficiency improvements to qualify for Green Mark re-certification. ClimaCheck was used to diagnose 20% refrigerant shortage that was causing the compressor to work harder than it had to. The refrigerant top-up was performed in partnership with the system manufacturer and the site qualified for Green Mark re-certification.


An electronic manufacturing company in Western Singapore going through a chiller plant retrofit process required measurement & verification (M&V) to compute the savings potential. As ClimaCheck uses its own sensors and meters that are calibrates and of high-quality, it provided an unbiased assessment of performance thus making the efficiency assessment and Return On Investment (ROI) computation to be highly accurate


10 hospitals in the Western United States were struggling with rising energy costs due to performance drift. ClimaCheck was a core technology employed in a monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) project that achieved 14 million kWh savings, equating to USD$3.8M energy savings in one year alone.


A Grade A public listed REIT property in Petaling Jaya engaged a certified ClimaCheck partner to evaluate the performance of several water cooled packaged units present on every floor. The portable system quickly detected the low-charge refrigerant in the system. Once the refrigerant level was topped up, the efficiency of the system improved immediately, confirmed by ClimaCheck systems in-built advanced thermodynamic software.

District Cooling

A district cooling plant in Southern Singapore wanted to better understand it’s energy savings opportunities beyond what their consultants were able to provide via water-side measurements and control strategies. An performance assessment was completed to reveal overall chiller efficiency plus detailed sub-component systems efficiency – compressor isentropic efficiency, evaporator and condenser efficiency and refrigerant level analysis


A group of 10 hotels in Macau run centralised chiller plants with a combined cooling capacity of 100,000 RT to provide for 21 million square feet of air-conditioned space, 24/7. After a successful pilot project with ClimaCheck Online in 2014, all site chillers were outfitted with permanent ClimaCheck systems by 2018. The Sustainability Director chose ClimaCheck as a technology to provide deeper insight into real-time refrigerant level performance and compressor health status, and as a core technology to facilitate a Predictive Maintenance program to replace the routine protocol that was in place.

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