Troubleshooting & Performance Inspection

Do you have a problem with your cooling equipment you cannot solve? We use ClimaCheck’s unique and innovative approach called the Internal Method to diagnose internal faults and efficiency issues affecting performance. Through completely non-invasive techniques, we acquire data through our high quality, calibrated sensors and meters during your business-as-usual operations, We report on system performance at the overall level and at the system sub-component level. This is important to detect internal issues so that we are able to investigate further into how to improve conditions affecting efficiency. An efficiency certificate will be issued for every inspection performed which is an completely unbiased assessment of system performance.

Energy Audit & Report

You are sitting on a goldmine of energy savings but not quite sure exactlyif it is big enough to act on? ClimaCheck can be used to perform a chiller plant audit where we perform actual and theoretical computations on your equipment compared to system nominal performance to determine the amount and potential savings, and your probability of achieving it.

Measurement & Verification

The ClimaCheck Method is based completely on physical data for the cooling medium and basic correlations. High quality sensors and meters document the performance of cooling processes that are independent of input from the system or component suppliers, it is therefore completely neutral and unbiased.

Perfect for measuring the effectiveness of energy conservation measures (ECMs), 3rd party technologies and as verification prior and post system retrofit.

Identification and Data-driven Rectification

With our extensive networks of Professional Partners, Nexergy has built on its capability to identify faults, we are able to service, repair, improve and maintain chiller systems and sub-components to increase performance, reliability and energy efficiency for our clients.

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